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Our Team

Our Team

We are an award-winning multi-discipline team brought together to create pathways to better health for people living in bodies of all sizes, ages, abilities & identities through physical activity and strength training.

Geoff Starling

Geoff Starling CSCS FMS
Exercise Physiologist, Director

Geoff’s journey to a career in health and fitness has been convoluted to say the least. After completing high school and two business degrees in Australia he set off to New York City to establish himself as a human resources manager. Flash forward 15 years and Geoff (he/him) lives in Calgary, Canada having curated an immensely satisfying career serving the population through exercise and healthy living practices. During that same period, he has met and married his wife and become the father of two spectacular children (and their dog, Bubba).

Throughout his career in fitness, Geoff has operated under every permutation of the industry possible, from front desk operations to managing a team of 30+ employees and volunteers. From private studios with 100 members to a YMCA with over 7000. From Wellness Director for a community not-for-profit to a Fortune 500 oil and gas firm. Along the way, he has earned multiple MBAs in ’getting s^%t done’ to add to his fitness credentials which include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Functional Movement Specialist (FMS).

All of this culminating in the formation of Every Body STRONGER in 2017. A body-positive fitness operation committed to making fitness accessible for people living in bodies of all sizes, ages, abilities & identities.

Outside of the gym, Geoff has served as Exercise Physiologist for Calgary Weight Management Centre since 2012. He resides on executive committees including Mount Royal University where is a regular guest lecturer, and Obesity Canada where he was the outgoing Chair of the Calgary chapter. Recently, he has partnered with YW Calgary to provide fitness services and charitable support for at-risk women and youth.

For his own training, Geoff is a competitive Strongman and Powerlifter proudly sporting a 1000lbs+ total across squat, bench press and deadlift.

His drive to aid those struggling to add a base level of activity to their busy lives has led him to expand his coaching to platforms like writing, public speaking and consulting in order to share his experience with a wider audience.


Ace Rodriguez CSEP-CPT
Fitness Professional

Ace (they/them) is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer who is passionate about all forms of movement. They have years of experience working out in various gyms and have an educational background in kinesiology and personal fitness training. Ace has always loved exercise and has used it as an outlet throughout their lifetime. 

Recognizing a lack of queer and trans representation within their local fitness community, they became dedicated to fostering a community built on acceptance, respect, and trust.


Understanding both the positive and negative experiences that many folks have had surrounding fitness, Ace wants to help individuals establish a healthier relationship with physical activity. They believe that movement is a way to connect and heal. With this in mind, their aim is to deconstruct how we view “fitness” and re-shape it to focus more on current joys rather than predicted outcomes. 


Ace wants to continually advocate the importance of fitness and make it more accessible to all individuals regardless of size, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity and/or ability. They strive to foster an environment that feels safe to train in, free from pressure and judgment.


Alisha Thompson BA BSc
Strength Coach

Alisha (she/her) has a Bachelors of Science in Biology and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology with a specialisation in addictions and youth counselling. She is a certified Personal Trainer and Emergency Medical Responder. Alisha received her Pro Strongwomen card in 2021 and currently ranks in the Top 10 Women in Canada in Highland Games. 

Alisha was no stranger to the gym as a powerful, explosive athlete and was never in a smaller body despite trying to fit into the size box of her peers.

Alisha was always active in sports when she was in school, first as an avid Figure Skater turned Hockey player in High School then took up Rugby in University. She coached Pee Wee Girls hockey and joined the volunteer fire department for 2 years. Alisha also worked as a counsellor at a K-12 school where she developed and ran programming for girls who were struggling with self image. Like with team sports, this made her feel part of a community and being part of something bigger than herself.

Originally from the East Coast (New Brunswick), Alisha relocated to Alberta about 15 years ago and started to meet like minded people. She was going to a regular gym when she came across Strongman on a whim. 

Alisha did her first competition in 2016 and was immediately hooked. She began competing with amazing women and men of all shapes and sizes and despite being an individual sport it made her part of a community again. 

“I started feeling strong and realized the merit in what my body can do rather than how it looked.”

Her motivation and drive to be a coach comes from helping people see what their body can do for them – not just what it looks like. Capabilities are often overshadowed by our minds' ability to tell us we are not good enough but with the right guidance and confidence we can all accomplish many things we never thought possible.


Krista ‘KJ’ Hancock ACE-CPT
Fitness Professional

KJ (she/her) started out as a client of a personal trainer for a few years and fell in love with the way they helped her achieve her goals and the way they made her feel during and after they were achieved.

KJ wanted to do that for other people, so headed back to school and received her diploma in the Personal Fitness Training program from Elevated Learning Academy. Graduating with honours in 2018.

“I know how hard it is to get to your goals when you feel like you're drowning just waking up in the morning.”
Since then KJ has helped many people overcome injuries, feel better in their bodies and minds and continue to see progress hitting their goals. Adding Functional Fitness Specialist and Postural Correction Coach to her resume.

As a mama of two, it is KJs passion above all to help other moms struggling with motivation to strengthen their bodies, minds and stay active and healthy, because she was once in that position and knows how hard it is to get to your goals when you feel like you're drowning just waking up in the morning. 

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